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Nowadays there is hardly anything you can find that is for free. Everything has its price tag and for you to get your hands on them you will have to pay the price. It would sound very absurd if someone would tell us that they’d give you free iPads and iPhones. As unbelievable as it may sound, but it is true. There is a website that allows you to get free iPads and other gadgets that you will surely love.

Freebiejeebies is an online site that allows you to earn points in exchange of performing tasks and inviting your friends to sign up on their website. Aside from that they also have games and competitions which you can partake. Upon playing a game and winning competitions, members of the site gains points. When they have already had sufficient points they can then use it to purchase items form and other online stores.

Earning points is really easy. Just log in or register at their site. Once inside their website you will have to go to earn points tab and then choose a task which you would like to complete. Once completed submit you’re the completed task and then your points will be credited to your account. Some points are credited automatically while some takes a few more minutes to be credited. 

Once your points are credited you can then use them to purchase items, electronic gadgets, clothing, housewares, gift cards etc. There are a lot of items you can redeem with your earned pints. Earning points is very easy indeed and it can be very fun as well. However if completing surveys and doing tasks is not your thing then maybe you’d like to earn points by playing games instead. By playing games provided on their site you could earn points as well and soon you’ll just be amazed by the points you have generated.


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