When was Tablet Computers Become Hype?

Tablet computers are visually nonexistent in the market and in varying industries until the launch of iPad in 2010. From the first generation iPad release, Apple company has sold more than 50 million iPad units, excluding on the count the company’s free iPads giveaways. Since then, there was a rise of attention on tablet computers, creating higher average order value. This is in addition to the fact that tablets are far more convenient than desktop users and multi-functional than standard mobile phones.

Figures on Tablet Computers

The reason over the fuss on tablet computers is not because of the functionality of the device, but the lowdown that people can enjoy the device comfortably during leisure and casual is the major factor at play here.

The volume sales of iPad never end to grow, not to mention that Apple has just released the New iPad generation on May 2012. As of 2011, there were many shipments of iPad compared to iPhones and other similar devices. Survey shows that affluent countries like UK are willing to spend money for iPad applications and activities. Furthermore, more than 50% of them read news, books and articles on their iPads. In a Google survey (2011), 82% of consumers use tablets at home, most of the activity occurring at night.  And half of the consumers do interactions on their iPads while watching TV. Laptops and desktop computers were quoted as “being abandoned” since the extensive publicity of iPads.

There are several limitations of iPad.

1. Some texts especially with small font sizes are hard to read.
2. Text-heavy pages cannot be zoomed.
3. Several links may not work.
4. Clicking small-sized links can be a problem for those with large fingers and thumbs (fat finger syndrome).